Short-Term Rehabilitation Care

Individual rapid recovery program

Lexington Medical Lodge’s Rapid Recovery Program is individually designed to help each guest return home with the greatest independence. We provide unparalleled service, an interdisciplinary approach to therapy, and the latest treatment modalities. Services may include the following:

Private short-term rehabilitation wing

Equally unique is our short-term rehabilitation wing. Separate from our other two wings, those patients staying for a few weeks have access to their own dining area and therapy, as well as, a well-equipped gym. While rehab guests are also welcome to use any of the shared community features, Lexington’s rehabilitation wing provides centralized care for those recovering from a surgery, accident or any other transitory medical need. At the end of your stay, we will release you with an easy to understand care plan for you, your family and your primary care physician.



Long Term Care

Trust us with your loved ones.

Chronic medical conditions can require the quality of continuous care only found in a nursing home. Our skilled nursing centers provide your loved one with 24-hour professional care in a warm, welcoming country-like ambiance. At Lexington Medical Lodge, you will find a team of skilled clinicians - on-site physicians, physician extenders, physical therapists and occupational therapists - working together to manage each resident’s care plan. Why choose our facility?

  • We are staffed with caring, compassionate, skilled healthcare professionals and employees, many from the area.

  • We organize diverse recreational activities and supportive social services catered to your loved ones individual needs.

  • We offer amenities with your visiting family and friends in mind. 

  • Pet visitations are welcomed and encouraged.

  • Intravenous (IV) services

  • Individualized care plans

  • Advanced wound care

  • Dementia care programming and tracking

  • Assistance with activities of daily living

  • Therapeutic & special diets

  • Restorative care

  • Long-term custodial care

  • Tube feedings

  • X-ray services