The Skilled Nursing Center to Get Your Loved Ones Back Home Fast


We pride ourselves on our ability to care for your loved ones and give them the best recovery experience possible.


Short-Term Care

We offer several quality services for short-term rehabilitation.

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Long Term Care

For patients who require a long term solution for their recovery, we also several other servicess specifically catered to extended or indefinite care.

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Our Facility

Our beautiful facility has everything you need for a comfortable rehabilitation.

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A Quality Nursing Center

Our beautiful facility represents the best that Farmersville has to offer.

Your Rehab Team

Our experienced team of rehab specialists are trained and equipped for everything and anything that you might need for recovery.

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There are hotels located in the area surrounding the nursing home that you can stay at while coming to visit your loved one.

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Conditions We Treat

Our facility is equipped to handle several conditions and forms of rehab.

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